EFT and exam stress
Learning styles and why they matter - is your child or teen a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learner? Listen now (17 min) | Exam anxiety
and options for your reluctant child or teen.
Guiding principles that we use in NLP coaching with kids
From the introduction of 'Self Esteem workbook' What is self-esteem? Here are some questions and quizes to help you access where your self-esteem may…
Your beliefs affect the results you’ll get in life so how about getting rid of the clutter so you can see what positive and empowering beliefs you have…
Reading a children's story about angerListen now (13 min) | From my 'Queens of Africa' series
I have been working with children and teens for more years than I can remember. I sometimes ask myself why I love it so much and the answer is really…
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